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Confession Time: I used to be a day trader…

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I have a little time until I start my new job, so to fill some of that, I've been watching CNBC. With news that the Dow is at nearly a 7-year high, it's starting to bring back some of that old enthusiasm.

Economically things are looking good in several areas. Oil prices might test $60 a barrel soon. As I mentioned earlier, Mortgage rates seem to be dropping. The consumer confidence is up.

So naturally, I'm going to have hop back into the market and start trading stocks like I did in the past. I'm joking, that would be the worst idea, I've ever had. I'm going to continue to sock money into my Prosper account, Vanguard's mutual funds with it's low expense ratios, and ETFs.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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