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Cheap Candy, Love Drops, and Personal Finance Links

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Pick up some post-Halloween Deals

With Halloween over, it is time for look at the post-Halloween deals. For instance, this is an ideal time to buy candy on sale. Of course if you are anything like me you have a bunch of candy left over. If that's the case, fear not, there are more savings to be had. It's a great time to buy next year's costume. You'll eliminate procrastination and save money. That's like a double rainbow of win!

Drop some Love on the World

My buddy, J. Money over at Budgets Are Sexy are teaming up with ItStartsWith.Us and Love Bomb to create a new venture: Love Drop. The concept is simple. People donate as little at $1 or as much as $20 a month, and they find people in need of a little financial love... surprise style. They describe it as "Extreme Home Makeover meets Oprah", but I'm hoping it has a bit of a Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes video in it.

The site won't be dropping love until January. However, I'm not waiting for the new year to be a better person. I want to be better now. So I'm in for the maximum donation. I'm hoping you'll donate with me.

Enjoy these Personal Finance Links

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  1. J. Money says:

    Thx for the shout out brotha! SO excited to get this up and running finally :) Time to do good!!!

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