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Celebrities and Money: Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Today I thought I'd unveil a new series focused on celebrities and their money. It's not going to be a regular series - I'll only post when I find relevant articles. If you have a link to a celebrity and money, feel free to contact me.

The first feature comes from an unlikely source (at least for the Lazy Man)... Self magazine. My wife has subscribed to the magazine for the past couple of years. While doing a little re-organization of the junk that I'm too lazy to clean, I came across the October 2007 issue. It features Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover. As an obsessed fan of the Buffy the Vampire series, I was curious what she's up to nowadays. I lost track of her career when she started doing Scooby Doo and The Grudge.

Well it seems like Scooby Doo, The Grudge, and some cartoon voices were the big career things. The article focused more on her life outside of work. This is what people want to read anyway. While some magazines make headlines out of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, Self took Sarah (I've watched enough Buffy to pretend I'm on a first name basis with her) and her relatively boring life.

Here are the money related from the magazine:

  • Her transportation - For the first season of Buffy, it was a Chrysler LeBaron... "You hear about people... get their first pilot and get the Porsches..., but I just couldn't do that." Now she just uses a bike to get around New York City, "It's bright pink, with the bell and streamers... it has Hello Kitty tires." You can't beat the frugality, but the image just made me throw up in my mouth a little.
  • Upbringing - "I was raised by a single mom. Finances were tight." She took up acting at age 4 in an attempt to make a little extra money for private school. She notes, "100 commercials still doesn't cover a private school education."
  • Frugality - While she has birthday parties on two separate coasts (I suppose it's tough to have half your friends in NYC and half in LA), she saves money just like us. "I take my reusable bag to Whole Foods, so I get a discount. I go to Bloomingdale's on double-rewards days. I always print my dry cleaning coupons before I go." I guess all of us can't afford to shop at Whole Paycheck, but other than that, you have to commend her.
  • Charity - She chooses to support CARE whose main mission is to fight global poverty. The only way Sarah would do the interview is if she got to promote the charity which, of course, Self had no problems with.

One can never be sure if all the things said of stars are true. However, I believe there's some truth to every story. I'm inclined to believe that Britney and Lindsay have "some issues", while, in general, Sarah is a money-smart star.

Posted on February 14, 2008.

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15 Responses to “Celebrities and Money: Sarah Michelle Gellar”

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing the article. She seems down to earth in interviews. Good to here something positive from a young celebrity.

  2. Adfecto says:

    It is good to see that not all stars who made it big in Hollywood at a young age are completely out of touch.

  3. Kaye says:

    This has to be true. You’ve seen the types of stories that magazines make up…it would have been much more dazzling if it had be created.

  4. Being a big NBA fan, I’ve been following the financial demise of Latrell Sprewell: http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/39700

    After turning down a $21 million three year deal in 2004 (remember “I have to feed my family”), seems Latrell is having some issues including repo of his yacht and foreclosure on his house.

    At the time I kind of respected Latrell; if playing ball doesn’t drive you, don’t go through the motions just to collect a paycheck. Seems the millions he earned didn’t quite last a lifetime.

  5. Mrs. Micah says:

    Unfortunately for her, I have a hard time distinguishing her from Buffy—the only other role I can remember seeing her in was Cruel Intentions.

    Sounds like she has pretty decent habits. I wonder how stardom will work out for her as she grows older.

  6. Since celebrities are supposed to be role models for some people, I think that SMG’s story should be publicized much more than Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. If SMG really lives like that I am amazed by that :-)
    But I guess a modest upbringing leave a scar on people for the rest of their lives, no matter how rich they end up later..

  7. Lazy Man says:

    Well SMG in Scooby Doo as Daphne pretty much plays the same character as Buffy. I did catch the most recent film and she talked the same way and through a few martial art kicks that I wouldn’t have expected from Daphne.

  8. It’s great to see this kind of thing””real people can relate to this stuff.

  9. Frugal Dad says:

    I think the idea of a celebrity finance series is a great one. It will be interesting to hear about celebrities on both ends of the frugality spectrum, especially after the news detailing Britany Spears’ financial exploits.

  10. Katie says:

    Celebrities and money… we just did some coverage on that today on our blog, too. Check it out, here:


    Always thought Sarah Michelle sounded pretty down-to-earth.

  11. Thai girl says:

    At least one actress that knows how to handle all the money. I’m sick and tired about reading all the decadent things from Paris and Britney. Refreshing to read a story like this :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Its really great to know that celebrities like Sarah knows how to handle her earnings. It will be interesting to hear about celebrities on both ends of the frugality spectrum, especially after the news detailing Britany Spears’ financial exploits.

  13. SJean says:

    “just made me throw up in my mouth a little.”
    Off topic, but where did this phrase come from? I hear it everywhere now. (well, not everywhere, but often enough to have noticed)

    On topic, it is really nice to read something like this, showing that some celebrities do know how to handle their finances.

  14. Matt says:

    Its nice to hear that not everyone in Hollywood spends there money just as fast as its coming in. Realisitcally Sarah must have a fair amount of money but choosing not to squander it for no reason is commendable. I especially liked the fact that she agreed to the interview if she was able to plug her charity of choice. Very refreshing.

  15. April Bowlby says:

    Far to often we see stars who have squandered their fortunes and are now bankrupt. Its nice to know that not all celebrities let it go to their heads, and still try to be responsible with their money.

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