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Carnival of Investing #53

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I'd like to welcome everyone to the Carnival of Investing #53. This Tuesday will mark the first anniversary of the Carnival of Investing. Have a little cake and blow out the candles while you ponder these articles.

Editor's Picks

  • Investing 101 - Free Money Finance reminds us that the financial media has to revamp itself - come up with something new to say. The more you read, the more you realize it's about the basics. Catch up those basics here.
  • Investing 201 - Silicon Valley Blogger at The Digerati Life picks up where Free Money Finance leaves off by providing specific investment ideas and advice. I happen to have VTI myself, so that scored some editor brownie points.
  • Entrepreneurialism - Hedge Fund Domain finds a great idea - a television network catering to the rich on vacation. If you want to be in the Editor's Picks, mention the New England Patriots. I'm that easy.
  • Personal Development - Paul's Tips gives a great overview of focusing and maximizing on your hourly wages.

How-to Guides

  • Mad Kane gives some basic tips on buying a home. I tend to skip the highly touted broker step myself.
  • I tried my hand at trading the past and failed. It's probably because I didn't heed Miked's advice to Find a Mentor.
  • 1st Million at 33 doles out some smart year-end capital gains tax advice.
  • Scott on the Money prefers to buy stock in smaller portions. It's almost like dollar cost averaging. If I were going to do this, I'd definitely pick up a Zecco account.
  • Trader Knowledge gives a great ETF Primer. For full disclosure, I own his example symbol, XLK.
  • Stock Trading Insights gives a more advanced view of ETFs, specifically leverage of them.
  • Tom Hanna of Financial Options gives a different kind of how-to guide... how-to plan the upcoming week.

International Plays

Company-Specific Commentary

  • The Dividend Guy reminded me something that I've forgotten for a few years... General Electric has raised their dividend once again. They've got quite a streak going.
  • Big Cajun Man seems excited about an announcement by Bell Canada. I'm always a big fan of simplifying a company's operations.
  • Michael Guzzo the Contrarian is taking advantage of South Street Financial Corporation going private. I don't have a lot of experience buying companies going private, but you'd think that it would lead to great return as they need to buy back those shares.
  • Leon at Sox First gives us an update on the HP pretexting scandal. It seems like it's been awhile since CNBC covering it - for awhile it was daily news - all day every day.
  • Professor Bainbridge brings up a great point on Investment Banker salaries. I've always thought that some IPOs seemed to be priced ridiculously low. To me, it seems like it should be more of an auction format.
  • Digitial Breakfast gives a very thorough breakdown of ChipMOS Technologies. Unfortunately, while I was reading it, I couldn't get the fact that they are based in Bermuda out of my head. Seems like a good company to work for.
  • Stock Market Beat asks Is Dell Cooking the Books?. It's interesting to note that author declares he is short Dell with some put options. (Ed. Update... Trent says he is "short the put options." which is actually a long position.  See more explanation in the comments.  And this is just another great example of why you don't see a lot of options analysis on Lazy Man and Money.)
  • Daily Dose of Optimism mentions why he's keep an eye on Pre-Paid Legal, a great idea that I didn't know about.

Finance 101

Technical Analysis

  • Brian Schumacher Trade 4 Cash gives his blueprint for trading.
  • Harrison at the Forex Library shows us How to use Pivot Points


  • Drinky McDiligence compares Love and Hedge Funds. It's interesting, but I feel I needed to know a little more about hedge funds to fully appreciate it.
  • Money Tortoise examines Morningstar FundInvestor and some of the portfolios suggested.
  • Investor Trip brings up an alternative investment idea... Uranium. A very good case is made for investment is made.
  • Money Smart Life compares Texas Hold 'em strategy and Investing.
  • Making our Way ponders how he can make more money by cashing in his insurance.

I know that wasn't nearly enough to whet your appetite, so why not catch up with the previous 52 Carnivals of Investing?

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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22 Responses to “Carnival of Investing #53”

  1. Trent says:

    Quick correction on my position in DELL. I am short the put options. That means I will keep the money if the stock is above my strike price ($20) when the option expires, but if the stock falls below $20 I will have to pay $20 for it.

    I considered it a chicken-bullish position when I took it.

  2. Sun says:

    Thanks for hosting the event (though I didn’t have any submission). Great job!

  3. Lazy Man says:

    Trent, thanks for the explanation.

  4. Dennis @ A Pile of Coins says:

    Lazy Man and Money präsentiert den 53. Carnival of Investing (German)

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  5. Carnival of Investing & Personal Finance | The Money Tortoise says:

    […] The Carnival of Investing #53 is up at Lazy Man & Money. A big thanks goes out to Lazy Man for hosting. […]

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  9. […] Carnival of Investing #53 is up at Lazy Man and Money. It’s very organized, and don’t miss those editor’s picks. […]

  10. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for hosting this week! Lots of info to digest, thanks for organizing it well.

  11. […] We also submitted a post to the Carnival of Investing at Lazymanandmoney and another to the Carnival of Personal Finance at A Penny Saved. The author may hold a position in the securities discussed. The author’s current holdings are as follows: Long: Union Pacific (UNP) put options; Air Products (APD) put options; Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ) put options; FedEx (FDX) put options; Intuit (INTU) put options; Bookham (BKHM; Ballard Power (BLDP); Syntax Brillian (BRLC); CMGI (CMGI); Genentech (DNA); Ion Media Networks (ION); Three Five Systems (TFS); IShares Japan (EWJ); StreetTracks Gold (GLD); Starbucks (SBUX); U.S. Oil Fund (USO); Plantronics (PLT) call options; Short: Landstar (LSTR) put options; Ceradyne (CRDN) put options; Dell (DELL) put options; Plantronics (PLT) put options; […]

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  17. We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming…

    I’m back from a trip to visit my brother in Germany and so bloging will return to normal levels. I hope you enjoyed Christmas and were able to spend time with family and friends as it is truly a blessing…….

  18. Jeff says:

    Hey Lazy Man,

    Sorry about your New England Patriots last night, I guess you guys can’t win EVERY year!

    Also, if you check out my latest post you will find a belated thank you for hosting Carnival of Investing #53. I really appreciate the editor’s pick!

  19. Lazy Man says:

    Thanks for the sympathies. The Patriots gave everyone a year off last year. It was time to win again, and it didn’t happen. I’m just depressed.

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  22. Ferra Wilson says:

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