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Budgeting for a Tank

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I have a confession to make. I have had a tank on my Amazon wish-list for over two and a half years now. As Lazy as I am, it's time for me to make this a reality. No it's not a hot water tank or a fish tank - it's a drive-around-and-run-over-stuff tank. It even comes with a cool name - the Badonkadonk - or Donk for short. Let me be clear, I don't spend the day thinking, "I really want to do some damage today." Well, at least not every part of the day. There are a lot of other things that can be done with a tank (let me know in the comments).

badonkadonk.jpgMy friends had a lot of good fun when they discovered the Badonkadonk on my wish-list. If one them happened to win the lottery for a re-"Donk"-ulous amount of money, I think NAO Design would have an order in their in-box. Neither me, nor my friends play the lottery, so it's going to take a little more planning for this to happen.

How am I going to make my dreams of tank ownership a reality? It comes down to budgeting. At a nickel shy of $20,000, it's cheaper than the average car. NAO Design is clearly willing to take a loss on shipping as well. I live about ten miles from it's Palo Alto headquarters, but I think it will still cost more than $14.99 in gas alone for them to ship it to me. However $20,000 is still not chump change (at least not for me). I need to have another plan.

I can see two viable ways of getting me in a Badonkadonk. The first would be to get those friends together and purchase it together. People buy timeshare vacations everyday - why not do that with tanks? We could be the pioneers of an entire "tank-share" industry. If I can convince 6 friends to give around $3500 we'd be there. That's less than $300 a month. The downside is that each of us would only have the tank two months of the year. That's still two months more of tank-time than I have today.

If I can't convince my friends to join in, I have a plan B. I've got two words for you: tank rentals. I could rent the tank at the bargain price of $20/hr. At that price, I would nearly own the tank if I could have it rented for 1,000 hours of the year - just 20 hours a week. I could even rent it out for special occasions at a bulk rate of $250/day. I haven't done extensive market research, but I believe this is a fair price for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What makes a bigger impression at the prom - a limo or a tank? How about tailgating at Lambeau field before the Packers' game? I think you know the answer.

If you see me posting less often in the upcoming months, it's because I'm focusing on my efforts on making tank-ownership a reality. Once I complete that, I'll be able to re-focus my goals on the journey of becoming financially independent.

Last updated on June 14, 2008.

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20 Responses to “Budgeting for a Tank”

  1. jim says:

    Everyone needs a drive around and run over stuff tank, but I think you should get the “blow up junk” add-on because that totally just rounds the whole package out. The add-on will affect your projections is totally worth it.

    I’ll go in with you on the Badonkadonk… :)

    BTW, I can’t believe you can buy a tank through Amazon hahaha

  2. Jonathan says:

    Man, talk about a way to get someone to click in from their RSS reader ;)

    I think you need one of those crazy PneumatiPak II potato guns to go with your tank. I would pay $20 to play with that.

  3. Jim says:

    I’m sure you could get more than $20 /hr to rent out a tank. I bet people would pay more more like $50-100 an hour to drive around in a tank. You might need some *very* high liability insurance though. :-)

  4. Danny Tsang says:

    Please tell me you only want to buy a tank on Amazon because it’s the first of the month! Btw that tank needs some 20 inch chrome rims on it.

  5. Cos says:

    absolutely hilarious!

  6. No Debt Plan says:

    Best personal finance post I’ve seen today. Two thumbs up.

  7. DebtKid says:

    I really wish this wasn’t a April 1 post…

    I secretly really, really want a tank as well…what do you think about forming a tank co-op? (like they have for jets) We could ride around visiting banks, other PF bloggers, etc…

    man that would be cool.

  8. Mrs. Micah says:

    I’d chip in, except that I believe DC traffic laws frown on tanks. ;)

  9. Mary Sue says:

    Dude. Baby want.

    *checks Sonic Screwdriver fund, notes it is about $19951.72 short.*

  10. Harley says:

    A tank on April 1st? I get it

  11. I’ll chip in on the tank with you!

  12. Four Pillars says:

    Excellent post – nothing worse than an April fools post that tanks!


  13. This must be a April Fool joke.

  14. erik says:

    i’m thinking this isn’t an april fool’s joke, because i could see myself at least renting this thing for a manly getaway or friend’s birthday. Sad, but true!

  15. David says:

    Count me in when you decide that it was not an April Fools joke. We can share from 360 miles away, right?

  16. RJ says:

    Hmmm…Looks suspisiously like a giant robot foot from those Japanese cartoons. I think I’ll wait for the arms or torso to come out. Then we can all join up and begin our bid for world domination.
    Seems like a good deal though. I’ll be able to buy one in about 4 seconds with my pretend income stream :D

  17. TR says:

    Is this really serious? Is there really such as thing as a Badonkadonk?

  18. Lazy Man says:

    I’m much too Lazy to spend two years making my own tank. I’m not skilled enough either.

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