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Britney Spears: A Small Factor of the Recession?

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Portfolio magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is worth 120 million dollars worth of business to the United States. When she is touring it goes up from there. Here's their breakdown of costs:

  • Promoters/Licensers - 30-40 million through endorsements
  • Paparazzi - 4 million peddling photos
  • Print, Web, and Video media - 75 million
  • Federline Factor - He gets 1 million a year from her

While I recognize all these things as being true, it's clearly not as exciting as the magazine makes it.

  • Promoters and Licensers would still make money if Britney didn't exist - I think their business has already shifted from Britney to Fergie, Beyonce, etc.
  • Paparazzi would focus their efforts on digging for more dirt on Lindsey Lohan - if that's even possible.
  • Like the promoters and licensers print, web, and video media would like find business elsewhere.
  • According to the magazine, Kevin Federline makes $30,000 for a night club appearance. This was amazing to me. I suppose it's fair to credit that to Britney, because we know that no one else would pay him if it weren't for her.
  • So my question is, if Britney continues her downward spiral, would the US workers lose the money? I don't think so. If anything the tabloids and paparazzi will see record earnings.

    I say it shouldn't matter and we should focus on more important things - like who has better hair, Britney or Paris? I say Britney in her heyday couldn't be touched. However, now that Britney wears a wig, I'm going with Paris.

    Posted on January 25, 2008.

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    10 Responses to “Britney Spears: A Small Factor of the Recession?”

    1. Portfolio Magazine if kind of funny. Aside from a select few articles (Michael Lewis’s are always great), it just feels a little too glossy for me. And I don’t mean the paper. A little too Hollywood.

    2. There’s also Britney’s contributions to advances in teaching solid state physics. That’s gotta be worth something.

    3. Meg says:

      Brittany’s true value to the economy lies in what she SPENDS. If she’s lying in rehab or in the hospital, she’s not spending her usual several hundred thousand per month shopping, traveling, buying real estate, etc.

    4. Lazy Man says:

      Those rehabs are expensive! I’m sure she’s still spending there.

    5. Brip Blap says:

      Britney’s an industry, in a sense. She’s a hot young startup – call her oowanga.com or something – that had everyone thinking she’d be the next Yahoo or Google but it turns out she’s just pets.com.

      You’re right, though, she’s only an influence on the economy to the extent that her revenue production isn’t picked up by Rhianna or Tinky Winky or whatever the kids are listening to these days.

      Fred Durst had interesting things to say about Britney’s hair…. I never found Britney’s hair or general appearance all that appealing, but part of that was that I grew up in Mississippi and I knew the type.

    6. Money Management and You says:

      If Britney stopped spending money I’m afraid of what would happen to the US economy ;)

      But I bet if you compared the value of time wasted on people reading tabloids about Britney, it would show a loss

    7. Britney does have her music to fall back on… even though she is not technically the greatest singer around, she has a knack for making good records. Her notoriety as the world’s most spectacular celebrity trainwreck, ironically gets in the way of her music career, however.

    8. Reb says:

      I think that the circus has just taken away from her music career. Nobody seems to care that she can still make records and would rather watch her buy new cars

    9. To even insinuate that Britney may be having an effect on us sliding into a recession is downright laughable. The industry she was active in at one point is constantly evolving and look for fresh faces. If Britney fell off the face of the earth, I don’t think we’d see any sort of significant fallout.

    10. Una Lute says:

      What do you know its Britney Spears. Numerous intelligent people have become her number 1 watcher and can never get too much data or postings about Britney’s media coverage. Be it hair trimming, naughty videos, wedding breakdowns or just another pop song there is a lot going on close to her. Shame about the children’s involvement but I reckon the cash will help them. The tv age is her chance for money but will it be her downfall with too much coverage and exposure. In fact I reckon that this blog entry and my response are the selfsame publicity I commented about.

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