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Blue Jeans Conferencing: Better Than All Others?

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Video conferencing has come of age. In the last two years, more than 2000 companies have set up business and all of them offer video conferencing package deals in different price ranges. Most customers just choose one company out of throng without really comparing deals and features because the technical features are not something everyone understands. As a result, they can get cheated as video conferencing software and hardware deals vary from company to company. Out of the rabble, only one company seems to stand out with better-than-average services offered at great rates and that company is Blue Jeans.

How is Blue Jeans Conferencing Different From Other Companies?

Founder Krish Ramakrishnan has always been proud of his creation but he has every right to be. The company has always been a market leader but in the last few years, the company had gone years ahead of any competition in the market. In an interview in Startupbeat, Ramakrishnan pointed out that his Santa-Clara based company founded in 2009 had now managed to pull in more than $23 million in funding based on its reputation and features. Investors were happy to do so, based on several factors like:

  • Multi Party Compatibility - The Company is probably the only company that offers multi-vendor, multi-facility, multi-party video conferencing services on the market at present. Other vendors like Skype only offer multiparty video calls between users. That means Skype users can only talk to Skype users but the BJ Network extends the reach of meetings by allowing meetings between any kinds of video conferencing company. For example, other companies can also collaborate with the Blue Jeans Network to connect online. At the time of writing, no other video conferencing company offers these features to customers.
  • Cloud Based Collaboration – Unlike other companies that require you to buy hardware and software, the BJ Network requires you to do none of that. With the new cloud-based system, you can use the online software to connect with people on any medium. For example, you have to log in to the BJ account, enter the pre-scheduled meeting or start an ad-hoc meeting, invite anyone from anywhere, and choose the device you want to video conference from. The advantage here is that you can use a computer, smartphone, mobile, video platform (mobile app, browser, Lync, etc.) to connect with invitees or meeting attendees.
  • Rich HD Support – High Definition video is a great way to ensure that users get audiovisual clarity during meetings and document sharing procedures. Now, the BJ Network offers clarity of up to 1080p and with dual stream support that ensures that the video feed is super-clear and content sharing is streamlined.
  • State-Of-The-Art Security – Sharing information online is easy but the videoconferencing company must protect data shared during the meeting, Most companies provide minimal protection but the Blue Jeans Network seems to provide a superb Firewall/ NAT traversal and SSL security even when you are carrying on a meeting with multiple vendors during a single sitting.
  • Customer Support – 24-7 customer support has to be an essential feature of any service provider. The company prides itself on providing the best service on the market and it provides customer service as soon as customers sign up with the company. Apart from basic customer support, the company also offer advanced technical support and training for a minimal fee.

Future Prospects

ZDNet points out that BJN is a good service provider but the feature-rich packages offered by the company have surprised many of the veteran companies in the market. This led to the increased investor interest and the stealth funding. However, the company has already stated that it has more than 2000 businesses as steady customers and more than 3 million participants are now using 100 million minutes of talk time annually. The company has been actively challenging legacy companies like Cisco and Polycom and customers have noticed. Major websites like Vsee have also stated that industry leaders like Cisco and Polycom have posted annual losses in the market but their top staff has migrated to emerging companies like the Blue Jeans Network. Companies like Blue Jeans are especially creating a buzz as they have managed to bridge the gap between social networks and business connections. It’s no wonder that the company has managed to scare up so much funding in a tight economic market.

In the end, it all comes down to amenities offered at the most competitive rates. As compared to other companies, Blue Jeans offers the far better features at far better rates. If your company deals with customers, vendors, and salespeople from all over the world, make sure you invest in the best and that will mean investing in Blue Jeans to ensure top of the line features.

Last updated on February 19, 2015.

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