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Bloggers: Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer to Save Big on The Blog Traffic Exchange

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While this won't interest my general audience, the WordPress bloggers among you might want to listen up. The Blog Traffic Exchange is very similar to your related posts plugin (you are using a related posts plugin, right?). The difference is that the Blog Traffic Exchange is related posts from around the web. This means that if I write an article about Lending Club, there will be articles about Lending Club from other members of the Blog Traffic Exchange.

I know some bloggers might be upset about sending traffic to others. That's the wrong attitude. Give your readers the best information, even if it's not on your site and they'll come back. Also, others in the Blog Traffic Exchange are sending you back readers. If you have a quality blog (and I'm sure you do), these readers will notice and want to stick around.

The Blog Traffic Exchange aims to keep everything fair. If you receive more than you give out, you may be cut off from receiving until you catch up. (I'm hearing "will be cut off" is the better phrase, but I don't want to be that absolute without confirmation.) However, you can escape this clause a bit, by upgrading to a Pro Account.

The Pro Account gives you the ability to be a little unbalanced. You also get full stats about who is linking to you, who is clicking on your site, and who is sending traffic. Coming soon to Pro Accounts is a way to black list sites so you don't have to send traffic to a competitor's site. In short, if you are trying to monetize a blog, the Pro Account is worth every penny.

This is where the exclusive, limited-time offer comes in. The Blog Traffic Exchange will charge you $20/mo. or $200 a year, but as a wholesaler, I can give offer it cheaper... $10 a month or $100 a year. I only have 10 accounts available, so if this sounds like something you might be interested in, act quickly.

First you'll have to get the basic Blog Traffic Exchange WordPress plugin and install it. Then you'll have to request a key which you can use in the Paypal form below to upgrade to a Pro account. I don't want to go into the full installation instructions, they are on the Blog Traffic Exchange website.

$10 a month:


$100 a year:


Posted on June 28, 2009.

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