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Big Savings on Laser Printer Ink

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I've been lucky enough to have the same Hewlett-Packard 4L printer for over 12 years now. Back then laser printers were very expensive so the $600 investment was really something to think about. However, I decided that it was a good investment in the future and it's never let me down (knocking on wood). One of the big advantages of the printer is that you can get over 3000 pages printed on a toner cartridge. I've been through two toners thus far and I think I've gone through many more than 6000 pages.

When my latest toner started running low, I decided it's time for a new one. Unfortunately they were $70 a few years ago when I last bought one. I don't even know if I could go to a Staples and get one for any price. Once again it's Ebay to the rescue. Like the razor blades I got cheaply, there were toner refills that were rated highly by many users for $15 - for two refills, including shipping. I should be all set for another 12 years - maybe 20 as I don't print as much as I did in high school and college.

Of course if the printer dies, I'll head over to Ebay and pick up another one. I can't recommend them highly enough for a great printing solution. My friends still come by to print their resumes, the quality is that good.

Posted on January 6, 2007.

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2 Responses to “Big Savings on Laser Printer Ink”

  1. Llama Money says:

    Laser printers are better in junk about every way compared to inkjet printers. That is, if you print in any sort of volume at all. Figure, inkjet cartridges are, give or take, $35 each. I can buy two cartridges for every one toner cartridge… and inkjet cartridges only last a few months if you print much at all.
    If you don’t need color, laser’s definitely the way to go. Color lasers are still kinda pricey though.

  2. Irina says:

    I got my printer on a local Freecycle group. Not of everyone, but I like mine. It serves us well.

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