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Best Western, Marriott, and Motel 6

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On my trip across country, I stayed in quite a few hotels. For the most part we went with the big chains. Military discounts allowed us to get $200 and $300 rooms at Marriotts for about 65-70% off. While it was a great deal you'd think that the $300 room in Chicago would come with free Internet - it doesn't.

The Best Westerns were a lot better deal. Typically, they were about $60-80 a night, come with free Internet access, free breakfast, heated pools, and a quality size room. The Lake Tahoe Best Western Station Inn was a particularly great value. It was close to the casinos (3 block walk) and it's free breakfast was a sit-down, waiter service restaurant. It's quite surprising to be brought a check for $0.00 after ordering a good $20 worth off the menu.

By contrast, the Motel 6 was one dollar more than the Lake Tahoe Best Western per night and offered only a non-heated pool (no hot tub like the BW), no Internet, and no breakfast. The room was barely large enough to stand in - there was no way we could put our suitcases down and open them up.

Last updated on February 24, 2008.

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