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Best Use of Less Than $100? (and Bonus Deals!)

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I was reading the awesome email newsletter this week and Jim ended it with a great question:

What do you consider your most valuable under-$100 purchase of all time? The thing that has had the most impact in your life?

I cheated by naming two "most valuables." For some reason, whenever Jim asks me for one thing, I come up with two. It only happens with his questions though. Here they are:

1. Dinner and drinks on the first date with my future wife. (Is it appropriate to give a shout out to my wife as we celebrated 9 years of marriage yesterday?)
2. The LazyManAndMoney.com domain name and hosting.

It's a tremendous drop off to #3. I couldn't even think of anything. Maybe rounding up my kids' favorite toys and how they all helped them sleep, avoid meltdowns, learn the alphabet and all that stuff.

What's your answer? Let me know in the comments... and onto the deals!

Deal Time!

For the next few days (at least until after Amazon Prime Day on July 12th) this blog is going to sound like it is sponsored by Amazon. And in a way it is since I'll make a small commission if you buy any of the stuff I feature. That said, I'm probably in the top 10% of most frugal people and I'm buying a ton of this stuff.

I'm going to assume that all these deals require Amazon Prime. If you don't have it, you can can use this link for a FREE trial. That will give you access to all these and the many other deals this is the best time to on Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon put up a bunch of HD movies for rental for 99 cents. Personally, I'm going to snag We're The Millers. There are a lot of other classics like The Matrix and Shawshank Redemption... probably 3 or 4 dozen choices overall. I think the deal is limited to one movie.

The other thing that people are freaking out over is this Anker 20,000mAh Portable Charger that lists for $80, but is on sale for $27. I have a 14,000mAh one, but it doesn't very fast like this one does. I'm thinking about whether it's worth the money to upgrade. I may justify it by saying that it gives us more tablet/cell time if we have a blackout.

If you are an Amazon Echo owner, there are additional deals today. If you buy something through your Echo, you'll save $10 on a purchase of $20 or more. However, they've also deeply discounted a few other products.

The catch is that you have to act TODAY.

I'm tempting to buy an Amazon Tap at nearly half price. You can read more about the Echo deals on my Alexa/Echo blog here. If you are interested in drones and/or cooking, it's worth a look.

Posted on July 8, 2016.

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    Registering my company name with the Secretary of State

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