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The Best Educational Streaming Shows for Preschoolers

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When my first son was born more than 3 years ago, I made it a point to not make this a parenting blog. While children change everything when it comes to money (and I'm happy to write about that), I simply didn't want to give parenting tips. That's not my strong suit anyway.

Over time, I've found myself, looking for more educational television for my 2 and 3 year old. I know some parents don't believe in television for children, but I'm equal-opportunity when it comes to all learning formats. There's a time and a place for books, television, tablets, and good old crayons and paper to teach letters, numbers, shapes... even foreign languages.

There was a time when parents had to accept whatever was on PBS at the time or buy VHS or DVDs of what they like. Fortunately, today we have on-demand, streaming media. Our Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions provide a ton of options at a great value.

I tried to find lists of the best educational shows online and couldn't find any that I'd consider complete. Almost all of them get the obvious Daniel Tiger, but there are so many hidden gems. This list is going to focus on Netflix, because that's where the majority of the best shows are. However, I'm going to slip in a couple of Amazon series that I think are top-notch as well.

I'd also like to add that Common Sense Media is excellent and often my first stop to read about a show. There's almost too much information on the website that it is hard to best stuff. Admittedly, this is (obviously) one man's opinion and shouldn't be a substitute for the great work Common Sense Media does.

  • Animal Mechanicals - The focus is on 5 mythical animals living in a fantastic mechanical world. They solve very basic physic problems by working together and using their unique abilities (strength, stretching, flying, gizmos, and speed). Each of the characters have their own distinct personalities. My sons and I ended up loving this so much that we bought the DVD because it had episodes that weren't on Netflix.
  • Super Why! - This is one of the only shows I've found to focus on reading. You can find shows on letters, but this really brings the whole words and reading to life. This isn't exactly a hidden gem as it is still being regularly run on PBS.
  • Monster Math Squad - I found this simply by searching Netflix for "Math." What a hidden gem! The monsters appear to be knock-offs of Pixar's Monsters Inc., but I don't care. These monsters teach math concepts! And when I was looking around to write up this article, I found there's even an extensive teacher's resource guideline online.
  • Special Agent Oso - The episodes are cleverly titled after Bond movies (but kid themed). The special agent bear teaches basic tasks in "3 simple steps." I'm not sure my 3-year old is ready to mail a letter yet, but it was helpful for learning to brush teeth. Sadly, there's Spanish as the Oso name may indicate.
  • LeapFrog (with LionsGate) - LeapFrog is known for its education material. The DVDs it produced a few years back are no exception. They are focused on letters, numbers, shapes, but extend to some math like simple adding and subtracting. I'm a big believer in STEM, so the math is a welcome addition.
  • Curious George - The majority of what you'll find are the television shows. They are great, but it's hard to pin down what they are really aiming to teach from a skill point-of-view. I'd say they teach life... if you happen to be a monkey where everything always comes up roses at the end. There's a lot of problem solving and discovery which is priceless.

    The real gem is the original movie with Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore with music by Jack Johnson. For a kids movie, there's a lot of entertainment for adults. They let Ferrell improv, his strength, and drew the movie to match it. It isn't just his voice. Drew Barrymore is a voice of reason with the appropriate amount of Jessica Rabbit mixed in. (Was that too much information?) When I'm pulling apart pyramid schemes, I'm singing Upside Down and Talk of the Town. This is a top recommendation even if it doesn't entirely focus on learning.

Amazon Prime Shows

Amazon Prime has some great shows as well. Many people have a Prime subscription for free shipping, so these come at no additional cost. As a extra bonus you can download them to Amazon Fire tablets and take them with you. (... Or so I am told. I haven't tried this yet, but I'm going to look into it today.)

  • Go, Diego, Go! - I went looking for this because I wanted to introduce the kids to Spanish. They are much more interested in rescuing animals, but we've learned a little Spanish while watching it. Besides counting to ten, they can speak about 5-10 other words. If nothing else, Rescue Pack is 100x better than Dora's lame Backpack.
  • Tumble Leaf - This Amazon exclusive is almost entertaining enough for parents to watch. The animation is incredible. The main character Fig the Fox, finds a new item each episode and figures out how to use it. The item could be a mirror for reflecting light, a flashlight for creating shadows, or a sponge for soaking up water. There's a reason why it has won 5 daytime Emmys.
  • Peg + Cat - Another math show... but unfortunately I like this more than my kids. Maybe they aren't old enough for the math concepts. At least once a week, I break an imaginary ukulele and sing this:

  • Fat Albert - I hesitated 5 times to include this for the obvious "Bill Cosby" reasons. It isn't the best fit for my age 2 and 3 year olds, but I'm including it anyway. Learning/Morals + anti-consumerism + racial diversity = win. It's hard to find this kind show elsewhere.

How do you feel about educational television? What are some of the favorite shows you and your toddlers have enjoyed? Let me know in the comments.

Posted on March 15, 2016.

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5 Responses to “The Best Educational Streaming Shows for Preschoolers”

  1. Pamela Car says:

    We also love Curious George, Super Why, Justin Time, and Magic School Bus in my house. One that’s a huge favorite here but isn’t on your list is Octonauts. My kids love it because it’s fun and entertaining and I love it because it’s clean and educational.

    • Lazy Man says:

      Octonauts is my son’s current favorite. I can do creature reports in my sleep (check, check, check).

      Derek that’s some great advice.

  2. Our kids always liked SuperWhy! It can be pretty educational for the youngsters. I think one of the most important things we did for our kids to help them get ahead educationally is read with them each and every night. They now read several grades above their grade level and are doing great in school. It does take quite a bit of extra time, but it is definitely worth it to help them build a strong foundation.

  3. […] like to add Blaze and the Monster Machines from Nick Jr. to my article The Best Educational Streaming Shows for Preschoolers. Maybe not, since it isn't streaming, but it one of my top educational […]

  4. Scott P. says:

    Jack Johnson – I love his music, always brings a smile to my face. Upside Down http://lyricsmusic.name/jack-johnson-lyrics/sing-a-longs-and-lullabies-for-the-film-curious-george/upside-down.html love this song and great movie

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