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Battle in the Bayou (and Personal Finance Links)

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While I should probably be looking for some Cyber Monday deals (other than Amazon's Lightning Deals), I'm pretty entrenched in tonight's Patriots/Saints game. For the seventh time this season, the Patriots will face an undefeated team, and three of those have accounted for all the Patriots' losses. They all came down to the last possession as well. I have one prediction for tonight's game: "Pain!" (...in the immortal words of Clubber Lang.) I don't know who will suffer more of it, but there's not going to be a happy ending for everyone in this game.

How big is this game? New Orleans says it's up there with the Super Bowls that the city had hosted. Average tickets are going for as much as $2000 to $2500. For a regular season game? Are you kidding me? Patriots fans like myself are spoiled... this game probably doesn't rank in the top 15 of the decade. When your team has won two playoff games in 42 years like the Saints have, this game gets top story on the first page of the New Orleans Times.

I can't seem to focus on much else, so here are this week's links:

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Posted on November 30, 2009.

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