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Baseball Mogul – what’s that have to do with money?

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I play a game called Baseball Mogul. You play the general manager of a baseball club. Your responsibilities are drafting players, trading players, and managing the financials. Provide your team with the right resources and you'll be winning World Championships. However, make bad trades, and overpay free agents and you'll make Tampa Bay look good. On it's own the game is fun, but it takes several steps up when you play it against other people online.

Here are a few of the things you learn:

  • As Robert Kiyosaki would say... Formulas. You probably can't apply these baseball formulas to earn you a cent, but it gives you practice in developing a working system.
  • Finances. You have to maximize your team's revenue and be sure that you have enough money to pay the players. It's not usually the type of game that a George Steinbrenner would succeed with.
  • Negotiating. When you are in the online leagues, you learn a lot about negotiating when you are trying to trade with other players. It's a life long skill.
  • Marketting. When you are trying to trade your players, you need to market them well.

The game typically costs around $20. It's a small investment for all the skills you learn. The best part is that you have so much fun, you don't realize you are learning.

Last updated on February 24, 2008.

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