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Back from a Long Expensive Weekend

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I'm sorry I left you without a post this weekend. I went to New York City. I enjoy it as long as it's in chunks of 3 days or fewer. Any more than that and I start to get claustrophobic. The other thing about New York is that everything is so expensive. I can't believe how quickly I blew through my money there. Then again, it was a mini-vacation and it's not the type of spending that I would do if I lived there every day.

This is going to be an expensive month overall with the release of the Treo 700P. There's actually another big expense coming up at the end of the month as well. It's a good thing that chicken breast is on sale for $1.79 a pound at Stop and Shop. Combine that with some 10 cent Good Value Ramen-like noodles from Wal-Mart and I'm in for some cheap dinners for a while.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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