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Australia is Completely Different, but Very Much the Same

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I've been in Australia for a few days now and one thing I've noticed is that almost everything seems backwards here. The water goes down the drain the clockwise. People drive and walk on the wrong different side of the road (my wife has been right to remind me that there's no definitive way these things should be done). I even struggled with a zipper for five minutes because I didn't realize that the "inserty" part was on the opposite side. (You might want to remember this before acting on anything I say.)

However, despite all the opposites, I was amazed to read that things are surprisingly the same. It's interesting that Australia's Reserve Bank Chairman, Glenn Stevens, seems has the same problems as Ben Bernanke - not knowing what to do with the interest rate as it balances recession and inflation worries.

I think I need to make a return back to the United States as soon as possible. The world of opposites is tearing the fabric of the world apart. Britney Spears looks hot at the VMA awards and Tom Brady is injured for the season. I'm spending the rest of my day simply just shaking my head.

Posted on September 8, 2008.

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5 Responses to “Australia is Completely Different, but Very Much the Same”

  1. debtdieter says:

    Well we all think Americans do everything weird & the wrong way round! *lol* Hope the weather keeps up for you, it poured with rain on Saturday & was quite miserable. So what are you up to while you’re here?

  2. issacswife says:

    and you don’t think that we Australians might think the same about you, Amercians. ;)

  3. Lazy Man says:

    I’m sure they do, especially when I’m bumping into them by walking the wrong way on the paths. Fortunately, I think Australians have been willing to overlook that because no told us that tipping is rare here.

  4. Andy says:

    Four years ago, I spent two weeks in Melbourne, Victoria to watch my sister play in Deaflympics.

    As part of the womens basketball team she won gold.

    I agree, there were a number of differences and similarities.

    To name a few, the folks in Melbourne are absolutely nuts about sports. We were saying at a place called seville city suits on Jolimont Rd, just a block or two from the Stadium and tennis courts.

    One night, after the Cricket test was finished for the day – some 80,000 people streamed out and into the streets to head home.

    We got some killer sightseeing in while we were there – saw the Twelve Apostles, St Kilda Beach, walked around with the kangaroos at the zoo in Ballaratt, visited the mansion in Werribee and the open range zoo.

    Got some 1200 pictures while we were at it.

    Oh and the flea market that’s a couple blocks north of little bourke street.

    That’s my two cents on australia.

    p.s. I’ll definitely be going back whenever I get the chance

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