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April Round-Up

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Here are some of the top Lazy Man and Money articles for April:

Inflation - a simple picture that I thought told 1000 words.
Budgeting For a Tank - My April Fools joke - or was it?
Thoughts on Middle Class - I'm surprised this did as much traffic as it did. I didn't spend a lot of time refining this post like others I have done.
Carnival of Personal Finance #150 - For the time spent, you'd think it would be the most popular article of the month.
MonaVie Scam - Is MonaVie a scam? Lots of comments on both sides on this one.
Military: Save Money on Almost Free Vacations - I didn't think I had a wide military audience. I might have been mistaken.
Lending Club is Dead - An experiment with a perhaps over-the-top title.
We Are Only Dancing on this Earth for a Short While - Though the personal finance angle was played down, I thought this was possibly my best article of the month.
Get a Free $25 Today Only - It turns out that it wasn't just that one day. There's still time to collect your free $25.
Why You Won't Read a SmartyPig Review Today - A commentary about banking security getting to be too complex for even an advanced user.

I'd like to give some thanks to the kind sites that referred the most traffic to Lazy Man and Money.

The Simple Dollar
Million Dollar Journey
The Digerati Life
Free Money Finance
My Money Blog
Get Rich Slowly
Five Cent Nickel
No Credit Needed
Generation X Finance
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

Last updated on June 14, 2008.

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