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Announcing the Winner of the Mohu Leaf Antenna

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As I promised yesterday, I'd finally stop trying to live up to my name and announce a winner to my Mohu Leaf Antenna Contest. Like the previous one I gave away, I was surprised by the number of entries. People seem to really love the Mohu. I couldn't give away $50 Visa cards as easily I could give away a $44 Mohu Leaf. (Which still confuses me because a $50 Visa card can buy you a Mohu Leaf.)

It wasn't just the number of entries that surprised me. It was the quality. People wrote about how they were going to be RVing and how it would help them. People wrote about how it help their parents save some money. Some people wrote to give a review of a Mohu Leaf that they've already bought. I was happy to see the winner of the last Mohu Leaf give a review as well (hint it was good).

It seemed somewhat fitting that when the virtual ping-pong balls stopped bouncing, the winner was "Aeko" who had the following comment: "I have a basic cable package and would love to get rid of it. Have been reading every blog concerning ota atenna. Most of them are pretty ugly. Mohu looks great and almost invisible. My income is around $1000 per month and any expense I can eliminate is a gift to me."

Well Aeko, check your email because I'm going need your mailing address to give you this gift. And if you didn't win, you can still buy the Mohu Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna from Amazon. The promo code of "lazyman1" should give you an extra $4 off.

Posted on May 31, 2011.

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