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An Expensive Day Coming Up Tomorrow…

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According to many message board it seems the Palm Treo 700 is going to be available from Sprint tomorrow. Since I'm out of contract, I hope to get it for the $399 price that's for new subscribers. I expect that it won't quite be easy and I'll have to argue or threaten to go to Verizon.

If that isn't enough, I'm taking a trip to Costco. The plasma TV that I bought not too long ago isn't working like it did in the beginning. Whenever it goes from a light scene to a dark one, the light scene is burned in for a good 3 minutes or more. The reason I bought from Costco is that instead of having an extended warranty they have a lenient return policy. So I'm going to return the defective no-name TV and switch to a Phillips or Pioneer. It's probably going to cost me $500 dollars for the upgrade to a name brand.

I realize this is an unusual post for a personal finance blog. However, I do skimp and save quite a bit for a couple of these luxury items.

Last updated on July 29, 2011.

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  2. […] we all have things that we splurge on. For me it's a plasma TV and the latest cool cell phone. For Madame X, perhaps it's food. And she has it a lot tougher living in NYC – carrying all her food […]

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