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Amex Gives You $25 to Spend; Costco’s Amazing Dishwasher Tablet Sale

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How is your Black Friday going? Mine? I haven't done any Black Friday shopping. I'm still watching Amazon's Lightning Deals and I almost pulled the trigger on a blanket with hundreds of reviews saying how soft it is. I'm a sucker for soft. However, I already have more blankets than I can currently use, so I didn't spend the measly $12.

I might have bought more stuff today, but you all were quiet when I asked for advice on what to get. That's what I get for posting Wednesday night on the west coast.

Maybe, if I give you a couple of good deals we can get the ball rolling here. Tomorrow (Saturday), American Express is trying to get people to shop at small businesses. They are willing to put their money where their mouth is too. If you register your American Express card on their site and use the card at a small business they'll credit your account $25. They even make it easy by suggesting some places to spend the money. For me, a local Mediterranean restaurant is participating. After a few straight days of left-over turkey, we should be primed to hit them up for a free meal. I normally wouldn't carry an AMEX card, but my wife and I got one for Costco to get a few more dollars off.

On the topic of Costco, the last time I was there, I noticed that they what seemed to be a deal on Finish Powerball brand dishwasher tablets. The box said that there were 200 instead of the typical 100 at the same price - amounting to 100 more free. I chalked it up to marketing, thinking that they probably did raise the price and moved on. However, I was on SlickDeals.net recently and they had a thread on the Finish Powerball Tablets. You have to buy two packages, but you get 400 tablets for about $34 + tax. You don't have to be a Costco Member - you just pay 5% more. Everyone seems jazzed about the deal. I decided to price compare at Amazon and they had 100 of the tablets would cost $17 - and the reviews said that this was an outstanding price compared to their local store. If 17 cents a tablet is a good deal, the 9 cents a tablet I paid has got to be amazing right?

The downside is that you have to buy 400 tablets. I imagine some families may go through them in a year or two. My wife and I don't really use up a lot of dishes. It's not unusual for us to go almost a week without running a load. Let's say that we do it a little more often, every 5 days, we'll get nearly 5 and a half years out of this one purchase. I'm not an extreme coupon shopper, but $7 for a years worth of dishwasher tablets seems makes me feel like one.

So now, do you have any Black Friday deals to share with me? Please?

Posted on November 25, 2011.

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2 Responses to “Amex Gives You $25 to Spend; Costco’s Amazing Dishwasher Tablet Sale”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Got to be honest I’ve spent quite a bit so far and have already done most of my christmas shopping. I think my credit card is feeling the effects!

  2. Jonny Debt says:

    I was so so pleased with the bargains I picked up in the black friday sales, however I deliberately held back on my spending in readiness for the christmas reductions that I know will come this week.

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