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Amazon Friday Sale: L.A. Clippers For the Win Edition

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A hummus recipe yesterday and an Amazon Friday Sale today?!?! If this site hadn't jumped the sharked so long ago, this would surely be a jump the shark post... or maybe I'm just reducing your expectations so that I can knock your socks off next week. We'll go with the later. Be prepared to lose your socks.

However, for today, I'm back to picking out some products that Amazon has put on sale for today and today only. So if you like it then you should put a ring on it (or something like that).

  • NBA Kids' L.A. Clippers Future Star Watch - This is my product of the week. This watch has a nice early 80's look about it. I like to think that it's because it's actually from the early 80's and the Clippers are still waiting for their "Future Stars."
  • Portable Folding Hammock - Being lazy isn't always as easy as it seems. For instance it's tough to find a good hammock. When you do they take up so much darn space. And ever try to bring your hammock to the beach? There's never any trees to tie it to. This portable folding hammock solves that problem and at least two dozen other hammock problems that you probably don't even know you have. With 14 of the 17 reviewers giving it 5 stars it's got to be quality.
  • Collapsible Pet Feeder - Much like the hammock, saving space is key thing that I look for in products. This pet food and water dish is a nice way to save a little space when your pet isn't eating. My only issue is that we leave water for our dog Jake all the time. So if we bought this it would never be collapsed. Maybe someone else can find a good use for it though.
  • Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy - I had to include this just for the Lazy factor alone. I mean a bathtub, books, and wine... wow.
  • Stainless-Steel Beer-Can Chicken Rack with Drip Pan - You had me at "beer can chicken." I don't know how I missed this phenomenon, but I'm going to have to look into it... soon. Sounds delicious.

Posted on November 6, 2009.

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One Response to “Amazon Friday Sale: L.A. Clippers For the Win Edition”

  1. DK says:

    Beer can chicken is awesome! You’ll love it! I got a rack as a gift once. I thought “what the heck is this thing” until I tried it. I’ve found the hardest part is finding good beer in a can, though. :)

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