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Amazon Friday Sale – Digital Photo Frame Coffee Mug Edition

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Whenever I get a chance on Friday, I like to sneak over to Amazon and see what they have on their Amazon Friday Sale. Usually, I pray that the Amazon gods send me one utterly ridiculous item to highlight. I must have been good because the gods are smiling down on me.

  • Digital Photo Frame Coffee Mug - I don't know how I've lived my life without having a digital photos on my coffee mug. Act now to upgrade your life for only $19 (free shipping on orders over $25). It's a savings of $11. The biggest surprise, it's dishwasher safe! Half of the non-photo mugs we have in this house aren't dishwasher safe.
  • Berndes Tradition 16 Piece Cookware Set - I don't follow brand names of cookware so I can't tell you if this is good. However, it used to cost $1000 and you can now get it for $225, 78% off! As I wrote recently, the price-placebo effect alone might make this a good pick-up for you.
  • Strathwood Falkner Chaise Lounge - You can pay $259 for the cushion only. I've been in the market for a pair of cushions since Jake, our puppy, decided it would be a good snack.
  • Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars - It's rare to find a discount on thing Weber. I know, I've been looking for a cheaper rotisserie attachment for a long time now. My friend upgraded his grates to the premium porcelain and says it makes a huge difference. Maybe there would be good improvement with these as well.
  • Granite Ware Canning Kits - I never got into canning. I like Foodsaver better, probably because it seems easier to me.
  • Zola Brazilian Superfruits Daily Wellness Shot - Isn't the enemy of your enemy supposed to be your friend? Take that MonaVie. Fortunately readers, there doesn't appear to be any in stock, so you can't waste your money on this crap anyway.
  • Portable Hair and Beard Trimmer - I could use one of these to trim the new goatee I've been sporting lately. I don't know if it's midlife crisis or thirdlife crisis. Let's hope for third...
  • Luigi Bormioli Double Wall 16-Ounce Pilsner Beer Glassses - These double-walled beer glasses are putting fear of obsolescence into my Red Sox coasters.
  • Oxo Good Grips POP Storage Containers - We use of these to store dog food in the kitchen. The big bag stays in the garage in a larger air proof container. No more stale meals for Jake.

Posted on October 9, 2009.

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One Response to “Amazon Friday Sale – Digital Photo Frame Coffee Mug Edition”

  1. I always check them out too! It’s more tchotchkes (sp?) that no one really needs. Always fun to see what’s on sale though.

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