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An Amazing Shopping Experience with Online Discount Offers

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Couponing used to be thought of as an activity reserved for moms going grocery shopping. In reality, it saves a lot on the grocery bill around the house but it is really not an all boring chore of having cut outs to put up at the door of your fridge. Anybody can do coupons and technology has saved you all the trouble of piling up those cut outs.

I was introduced to saving with coupons 2 years ago by my best friend. It has taken me awhile to learn a few tips here and there but I can now save up to 75% whenever I go shopping for groceries, clothes, toys and even books I like.

At first, I was quite skeptic with all this coupon madness until the day my friend convinced me to take her shopping. I was surprised to find out that she had managed to save more than $150 on groceries alone using coupons. I could not believe how much groceries she had bought for so little and that is when I chose to also join in on the challenge. I started out with just groceries but came to realize that it didn’t stop there.

You can never get tired of saving money, there is a satisfaction that comes to you whenever you buy something at a discount. This is how smart brands lure in new customers. Retailers set up websites where you can get free discount coupons online. This has made applying for coupon codes a stress free way of saving money online.

Coupon codes are also referred to as promo codes and can be found online on sites dedicated to offering up to date coupon codes and links. These sites are categorized by a brand or retailer and they mostly show the success rating of each coupon code so that you are able to assess if it worth trying.

Some codes work for online shopping as they provide free shipping while others help you save money on your order total. Hunting for online promo codes is faster than the traditional coupon clipping. You can do this through;

· Coupon code sites when looking for a specific coupon code such as free shipping. Different coupon sites feature different coupon offers on almost any category hence it is good to check more than just one site to get the best offer.

· Automated shopping tools when shopping at a specific retailer store. They automatically display coupon codes each time you land on retailer sites or while going through an online check out.

· Search engines to broaden your search. It is the best way to go when starting out because you have a better chance of saving more with a diversity of options.

Since I started saving with coupons there are a few tips I have learnt and would like to share them with you. Let me break it down to 5 tips;

1) Do your research

There are so many websites and blogs too that are dedicated to helping you find coupon codes. Be sure to regularly check them out. You can also sign up to your favorite stores because they release codes to customers through their email list or newsletters. This will let you be among the first to know what valuable offers they have.

2) Timing

The best online deals are offered thrice a month.as it starts, in the middle and in the end. Most online store post fresh coupons the first three days of the month, 14-16th and from 28th through to month end.

3) Expiration dates

Due to either an increase in demand or limited supply of products, expiration dates are subject to change. When you get an offer be quick to act on it because stores reserve the right to expire coupon codes earlier without much notice.

4) Be ahead of the promo box

A discount never appears after you have already purchased an item. Ensure the discount is applied to your totals before making the purchase.

5) The competition

Do not wait until check out to find a coupon. Visit a coupon site and search the item you want then choose the store that offers it at the best price.

Posted on September 2, 2016.

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