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Alternative Income Streams – September 2008

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Happy September! I'm pretty happy to see August to come to an end since I've had numerous problems getting my vacation going. No matter, let's get to the business of reporting on my alternative income.

From a revenue standpoint it was a solid month. Like every month, some aspects of advertising go down and other aspects go up. This month a little more went down than up - my profit went from $2,234.76 to $2,108.94. However, when I look beyond the numbers, I find that my steady streams of income increased, but income that comes from one-time events like someone buying ads from my blogads placement.

As for what's working, I seem to be finding better ad networks and learning how to optimize them a little better. I'm also bringing in more traffic - especially with Lazy Man and Health. It's not exactly the big community that I'd like to see, but it's getting there with traffic approaching near where Lazy Man and Money site is.

Since I'm looking to take a vacation this month, I expect a drop off for next month. However, I'm contemplating starting another site. If I do, it probably will not be under the Lazy Man brand. The reasons that I wanted to remain anonymous for Lazy Man and Money (protect myself from identity theft and allow myself to share very personal information) doesn't really apply to golf - for example. Not that I'd write about golf since I don't golf.

Last updated on August 31, 2008.

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4 Responses to “Alternative Income Streams – September 2008”

  1. Good luck… Glad to hear you are creating more income streams!

  2. Part of the reason for the dip may be because it’s the summer, I’ve noticed traffic slowdowns during August… should get better this winter though! :)

  3. Way to go Lazy Man. Congrats on keeping the high alternative income. I am going to post my alternative income tomorrow..

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