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Alternative Income Streams – October 2007 (One Year Recap)

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It's been a full year since I started tracking my alternative income. I look back on that post and remember how excited I was that I had made $17 that month. I was amazed that I had set up something that would essentially pay my phone bill. I closed out that first post with the words, "...this is going to be quite the journey."

I had set a goal to reach the $350/mo. mark in alternative income in a year. My stretch goal was around $500 and I couldn't fathom any more than that. I hadn't counted on exactly how profitable advertisements on this blog would be. I thought that this blog would help me learn to expand my alternative income, but it actually became my biggest source by far. This month I finished with $1,165.28 in alternative income.

As part of this yearly update, I re-examined my necessary expenses. I have made good strides in this area in the last few months. I've paid off a great portion of my HELOC. My car expenses have gone down drastically as my job moved to a new office, less than 3 miles away from my home. My housing cost has gone down as I've been able to break even renting out my old condo in Boston. In the end, I need to make about $1450 a month to cover my expenses, leaving my alternative income around $283 short.

Posted on October 1, 2007.

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16 Responses to “Alternative Income Streams – October 2007 (One Year Recap)”

  1. I too am amazed at the income an individual can earn from blogging. Congrats on shooting past your goal. I worry about how long it is going to last!

    The Dividend Guy

  2. Bubs says:

    Congrats on the great numbers

  3. Nice work. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it…

  4. MoneyNing says:

    Expense down, income up = great progress :) Good for you! I agree with the Dividend Guy about blogging income. John Chow earned $20,000 last month on his blog!

  5. Brip Blap says:

    That is inspiring – if I manage to match your rate of growth, I should be making about $17 per month mid-2009…

    Seriously, good job. I remember that post and thought the same thing – man, that’s a loooong way to go. Not so long after all…!

  6. Mrs. Micah says:

    Excellent job!

    This is my first month of side-income and I’m hoping to make $20. :-)

  7. the baglady says:

    Good job Lazy Man! I had no idea how much money people make from blogs. I’m pretty happy to have a dollar a day!

  8. Really enjoy reading these updates Lazy! Keep up the great work.

  9. Lazy Man says:

    This money isn’t entirely from this blog. It does include interest and dividend income as well as other websites. It may also include real estate gains from investment properties, if I had them.

  10. Mike says:

    Lazy Man,

    Congrats! One of the things that I really like about your approach is that it focuses on an income goal over a net worth or asset goal. While a net worth goal can be useful too, an income goal always struck me as more focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

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  12. corrin says:

    Great job…I just posted my alternative earnings for the month on my blog and came in at $1550. My goal for October is $2000.


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  14. Harrison says:

    Cool.. I hope I can make $1000+ too from my blog. Yeah you deserve the money as you did so much of hard work and provide so much of content for us.

  15. Patrick says:

    Congrats on your progress, Lazy Man. It’s good to see your success!

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