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Alternative Income Streams ““ August 2009

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I'm a little later than usual reporting my alternative income. Why? While I'd like to say it took my accountant a long time to count the millions, I can't. I have no good excuse, other than being extra Lazy. This past month I focused on a few things:

  • Getting back to writing general personal finance posts - I went into budgeting a lot more than I usual do. I still have a few articles left on the topic, but they are still in the editing room. Hopefully, I can get them out early next week
  • Building a foundation to start full-time blogging again - With my contract ending soon, it's time to take care of all the loose ends and whittle down that to-do list, now. I have a pile of to-dos for this blog.
  • Being Myself - I've been heavily, heavily considering a new blog branded with my real name. I would give up my anonymity here except that I don't want my real name to be synonymous with "lazy"... and there are probably about 200,000 MonaVie distributors who have a bounty on my head because I asked for evidence that their juice is worth $40 a bottle.
  • Obsessively watching How To Fix - I have to stop refreshing stats and tell myself that the traffic there is insignificant until it is at least 1/3 (more likely half) the Lazy Man and Money traffic.
  • Adding new writers - I've been adding writers from Elance.com for side projects (like How To Fix). Unfortunately, they were backed-up for much of the month, which makes it difficult to really expand this month, but next month is looking good.

From a financial perspective, I made $1,711.44 after taxes in August. For the billionth month in a row, it didn't go up. It's not that surprising since my full-time job and taking care of the 9 month old puppy has left me with an hour or so. When I have that hour, I tend to lean towards online news and entertainment rather than focusing on the drive to make more money.

I should add that (if all goes to schedule) tomorrow will be a blog announcement and on Friday, I will try something new as I write a post to one person and let you eavesdrop.

Next month's report is likely going to be a few days late as well as I have a vacation and a wedding at the beginning of the month.

Posted on September 9, 2009.

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2 Responses to “Alternative Income Streams ““ August 2009”

  1. Am eager to see what develops for you. :) I am especially eager to see what your personal blog will be all about!

  2. First of all, LOL about the MonaVie. They’ll get ya if you do go public, but it might be worth it to get your name out there.

    Secondly nice job keeping up with the blogging. You have created what I would call one of the top personal finance blogs. Your income should only go up as you gain more daily visitors.

    Keep up the good work, and you should plug “how to fix” more. I haven’t heard of it yet and I’ve been visiting your site daily for well over a month now.

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