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A Free Lunch (and dinner)?

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They say there's no such thing as a free lunch. In large part "they" would be right. However, my new employer does provide lunch and dinner for free each day. My fiancee's employer pays for her food while she travels (probably about 8 days a month). This is going to be a big savings on the grocery bill. I wish I had calculated that in when I had stocked up at the grocery store.

Last updated on December 14, 2006.

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4 Responses to “A Free Lunch (and dinner)?”

  1. Deyl says:

    where are you working? what industry?

  2. I’m not saying the exact corporation because I don’t want some kind of lawsuit coming at me in the future.

    I’m a software engineer working in Silicon Valley. The company is a small-ish start-up.

  3. there is no free lunch.

    they want you to stick around for lunch so you hang out with co-workers with is good for morale and improves productivity.

    they feed you dinner coz they want you to stick around [& hopefully work] until dinnertime.

    and let me guess, they provide onsite dry-cleaning and have a gym?

  4. Yes, I realize there’s definitely a trick with the free lunch and dinner. The dinner is especially tricky since it’s served fairly late, so if you want to take advantage, you have to put a couple of more hours.

    Still it’s more than I got at my last job which had similar hours. It reduces my monthly expenses, and I calculated the benefit to be about a $3-4K savings depending on how much I take advantage of it.

    They are still too small for dry-cleaning and gym. I’m hoping for 401k first.

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