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A Few Quick Thoughts, a Great Deal, and Personal Finance Links

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I'm just getting back into the swing of things after my first visit last week to New Orleans. I know just a few a weeks ago, I was in Maui and now New Orleans. New Orleans was a partial business trip. I've got a lot more to say about the trip, but I hope to do it in a "Save Money in New Orleans" post later coming soon. I think I've got the travel bug all out of my system, I don't have plans to go anywhere for a few months.

New Orleans this past week was washed over in blue and white with University of Kentucky fans taking over the town for the SEC championship. There were so many fans that I actually had interest in watching a college sporting event for the first time in my life. A few of them had shirts that declared that they still hate Laettner. I was confused because I remembered Laettner making a big shot for the blue and white. I just didn't account for the fact that there might have been two blue and white teams on the court that day.

With the blue and white theme in New Orleans, thoughts turned to Peyton Manning and his press conference about moving on from the Indianapolis Colts. Even though he was biggest nemesis to my beloved New England Patriots, it was sad to see the end of perhaps football's biggest rivalry over the last decade. In an article that is a must-read, Rick Reilly said it best, thanks for the memories Peyton. (Oh and Mr. Manning if I get my time machine worked out, I'm still going to try to find a way to stop your parents from procreating to give the Patriots another 3-4 more Super Bowl victories. I'm sure you understand.)

I noticed that Apple is the recipient of a class action law suit involving misleading advertising and their Siri product. I have to say that it is about time. Sure, I'm a bit of an Apple hater, but some of the marketing is why. The commercials always show Siri working almost instantly with perfectly relevant results. No one I know has seen the product work that way in person. The FTC is making a push for truth in advertising eliminating disclaimers in small letters of "results not typical." It seems like Siri would be a good place to start. Perhaps fast food commercials would be a good place to start too, but I feel that everyone knows those exaggerate and have a realistic expectation of what the product is going to really look like.

Finally, if you put up with my rambling this long, I've got what I think is a killer deal for you. I noticed yesterday that Slickdeals highlighted a BowFlex set of dumbbells. These allow you to dial in a weight rather than changing weights. The effect is similar having a whole set of various dumbbells in just a small space. The reviews on Amazon are mixed because an older version of the product had some safety issues that have been fixed. I've been looking to pick these weights up used for around $200 on Craigslist for the last 4-5 months. They never seem to go for less than $250 and with Amazon's price around $350 they really retain their resale value. The deal includes the weights and a stand that usually is around $150 itself (that's an expensive stand and something I was prepared to deal without) for a total of $279 (plus tax in many states). It's not the $200 price I was looking for, but they are brand new with the added value of the stand. I couldn't resist and made the purchase. Follow up the instructions on Slickdeals above if you are interested.

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One Response to “A Few Quick Thoughts, a Great Deal, and Personal Finance Links”

  1. Kosmo says:

    Wow. I can’t believe the Laettner shot has been that long ago. 20 years, really?

    I’m getting old.

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