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7 Ways Your Life Would Change if You Spent Money Based on Customer Service

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Talk to any marketing manager or brand overseer, and they'll tell you that customer experience becoming more vital as companies pay more and more attention to the multitude of ways a customer interacts with their company. However, despite all that attention customers think customer service is still often terrible. Some brands, however, continuously go above and beyond their competitors to not just meet expectations, but to exceed them.

If you're tired of poor customer service, let the winds of change blow kindly upon you. Not just a way to experience greater satisfaction and less frustration as a consumer, aiming for companies that provide good customer service can improve your life. Here are seven ways your life would change for the better if you spent your money based on who gave you the best service.

1. More Time

One of the primary frustrations Americans' routinely list is the amount of time they spend trying to have customer service needs met, but just how much time is actually wasted? According to analysis performed by ClickSoftware and reported on by The Huffington Post, Americans lose over 30 hours a year dealing with lousy customer service. The good news is that, if you start choosing to spend your money with companies who don't have lousy customer service, you'll get those 30 hours back. So, make Discover your credit card and get your groceries at Trader Joe's — two companies that give great customer service.

2. More Money

With all that lost time, it only makes sense that it's also costing you money. What does 30 hours of lost time each year translate to, on average? Over $750 that you could have made if that time had been spent working instead of feeling crazy, ignored, unimportant, and taken advantage of by companies whose customer service is sub-par.

3. Less Stress

So, now you know what bad customer service costs you in terms of time and money — if only that were the entire list instead of the tip of the iceberg. Another major way your life would change if you started spending money based on customer service is that you'd experience less stress. Problems with products and services will arise. There's no way around this unfortunate reality, which is why the choice to only spend money with companies who offer good customer service is a choice to have less stress in your life. Americans are the most stressed-out they've ever been. Do yourself a favor and dial yours down by shopping with companies who offer satisfying and fast solutions to problems.

4. Better Companies

It stands to reason that if you — and everyone you know — stopped shopping with companies that offered poor service, those companies would close their doors and go away. The net result? Companies that offer excellent customer service would be commonplace. Even if you don't have a civic-minded bone in your body, better companies that care about their customers is a win for everybody in every community.

5. More Good Options

At this point in time, if you want to go with a large cell phone company that provides excellent customer service, you don’t even have a handful of options to pick from. According to their customers, smaller cell service providers consistently offer their customers better service than the big boys do, which gets us to the next way your life would change if you started spending your money based on good customer service: you would have more good service and product options to choose from.

6. Less Complaining


What did people in America discuss before dissatisfaction with airlines, ongoing trouble with dishwasher software, and tablet firmware going on the fritz with the latest operating system update were commonplace complaints?

If you start spending your money with companies who offer great customer service, you just might find out. Whether you miss talking about the game, the book you're reading, or you just miss not hearing the sound of your own voice in complaint mode, a life filled with better customer service will allow you to complain less.

7. More Happiness

In many ways, the net result of more time, more money, less stress, better companies, more option, and a life less complained about can't help but yield a greater happiness. So what are you waiting for? Start being happy by spending your money with brands and businesses that offer great customer service.

Posted on September 29, 2015.

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