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$5 MP3 albums from Amazon (Aerosmith, Death Cab for Cutie, James Taylor)

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If you aren't in the mood for a foot-long sub at Subway (and who isn't?), parlay that money into some good music from Amazon. I got an email about a $5 sale they are having on 50 of it's MP3 albums. I thought it would be fun to click through and see all the no-name artists that they had there... except that some of them are quite popular. I did get a chuckle from The Raspberries (not to be confused with The Cranberries), but seeing Aerosmith's Big Ones surprised me. It has 13 songs that got significant air play (some still do). Doing the difficult math, 15 songs for $5 comes out to about 33 cents a song. Take that iTunes!

Here are some other highlights:

There are more to choose from, but I'm kind of biased towards the Boston music: Aerosmith, James Taylor, even the Death Cab for Cuties album has a song called Lowell, MA on it. They had Dolly Parton, Kanye West, The Greatful Dead, and Etta James... something for everyone.

Go check out Amazon's $5 albums.

Posted on May 12, 2009.

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One Response to “$5 MP3 albums from Amazon (Aerosmith, Death Cab for Cutie, James Taylor)”

  1. Steve’s going to smite you for that iTunes comment.

    For some reason, when I buy albums, I like to buy the physical disc – but I buy individual tracks electronically (on iTunes, of course).

    Maybe I’ll scamper over to Amazon to see if they have “When I’m 64”, which is not available on iTunes :(

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