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4 Tools Every Do-It-Yourselfer Should Have In Their Toolbox

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In this day and age, it just makes sense to take care of things that need to be fixed around your house yourself. No matter who you are, being your own handyman is an asset that can save you money and make you feel proud of a job well done! The satisfaction that comes with fixing something on your own after doing a simple internet search on how to fix it is priceless. But you won't get very far if you don't have a toolbox filled with some basic essentials that will make getting the job done as easy as possible. Is your toolbox well stocked? Check out this checklist to make sure before something needs to be fixed.


It's one of the oldest tools known to man. Since nearly the dawn of time, our earliest ancestors knew the importance of being able to hit something really hard. Our need for such a tool has not waned since. A good hammer will have a fiberglass handle (which helps to avoid the vibrations that might bother your hand after too much use), a rubber grip for comfort purposes and be heat treated and rim tempered to make sure it is strong and durable.

Several Different Screwdrivers

Whether Phillips Head or Regular a variety of screwdrivers that can suit your every need are an essential part of any well stocked toolbox. Screwdrivers come in many different sizes and lend themselves to various projects around the home. You could run out to Sears and get a combination pack of many different screwdrivers - or if you'd rather not leave the house, you could look for a Sears’s promo code online and shop from your couch. Mycoupons carries various Sears’s promo codes along with a variety of other major brands.


From time to time, people just need to "get a grip." That's when pliers come into play. Possibly dating back to the time when blacksmiths would use tongs to hold hot metal, pliers are used for a variety of household projects in our present day homes. When choosing a pair (or a set, ideally) make sure you buy some that are rust-resistant, made from forged steel, and have a comfort-grip handle. You will find many uses for these pliers around the house, so make sure that you buy a pair that you're comfortable with.

Utility Knife

Sometimes a razor is needed in order to get the job done, whether you are trying to precisely cut a roll of wallpaper or attempting to peel the price tag off of a bottle of wine, a utility knife gives the user the benefit of a razor blade while offering a safe setting for the blade which makes an injury much less likely. You can go for a high-end utility knife that folds to fit in your pocket and has a wood grain handle, or, you could buy a cheaper, plastic utility knife that will also get the job done. Always use common sense when using this sharp tool and keep away from children.

This is just a short list of all of the tools one would need in their toolbox if they wanted to take on the task of improving their home or fixing small problems around the house. When just starting out, a few tools should get you through the basic tasks. Over time, you can build up your toolbox more and more so you'll always have the tool you need for the job. You'll be surprised about the amount of things you can get done around the house when you have a well-stocked toolbox.

Last updated on February 19, 2015.

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