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10,001 Ways To Live Large on a Small Budget Giveaway

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Everyone has a book nowadays. Since I'm extremely Lazy, I haven't set aside the time to put together an ebook.

Why am I taking the time to highlight and give away copies of Wisebread's new book, 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget? There are three main reasons:

  • They sent me extra copies of book - Having only two eyes on book is enough for me. My wife wants to have a yard sale and get rid of nearly everything we own. Rather than get 75 cents for it, I'd like to buy some good will from readers.
  • I'm mentioned in the book - If you mention me in the book, if only for a paragraph... even if that paragraph isn't exactly what I'd consider accurate about me... I'm probably going to try to help you spread the word of your book. I'm just putting it out there so all aspiring authors can start fitting plugs of me into their book.
  • The Most Awesome Reason of All - I don't have a third reason, but bullet points don't work well with just two items. I really like bullet points.

Since I need to get rid of two copies of this book and I know you are desperate to get ahold of it, here's how I'm going to play it. Leave a comment below telling me why you deserve a copy of 10,001 Ways To Live Large on a Small Budget. I'll look at each comment and rate it on scale of 1 to 5. The better the comment, the higher the rating, and the more virtual tickets you are going to get in the raffle. I'll be completely subjective in my rating system, but you probably can't go too wrong with a sob-story, or a fantastically unbelievable story. Maybe even a combination of the two (for example: how space aliens are holding your puppy hostage and you need to save money for the ransom. You get negative points if you use that example. Don't worry about how I'm going to credit you with negative tickets. Like Ditka, I'll find a way).

Since I'm moving this weekend, this contest will be a little longer than usual. It ends on May 28th at 11:59 PST. Use a real e-mail address, or else I won't be able to contact you if you've won.

If you are the impatient type, simply go read my approximately 10,002 ways to save money. It's free, no trees died for the paper, and it travels to through miles of interweb-tubes.

Posted on May 21, 2009.

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25 Responses to “10,001 Ways To Live Large on a Small Budget Giveaway”

  1. chris says:

    I could use this book. Currently we are paying $500.00 extra automatically on our mortgage – been doing that for years – but I have started to shave our monthly budget and since January I have been mailing an additional check for several hundred dollars each month to the mortgage company in addition to what we already pay extra. Given that I am doing that, we don’t have a lot extra in the monthly budget. The book would be great as we can’t live too large on the amount I am holding us to each month.

  2. kosmo says:

    Don’t most people have the yard sale BEFORE they move?

    Why the book would be happiest with me:

    Some co-workers and I have created a lending library for our office. It contains more than 100 books from a variety of genres. This would give the book the following opportunities:

    – Being part of an active office during the day, complete with a dazzling verbal array of buzzwords.

    – Stimulating conversation with interesting and diverse books after the “people” leave for the night.

    – Sporadic road trips that allow the book to spend some time in a cozy house.

  3. P says:

    I/we could use one copy of the book, as dh is out of job for past 5 months, we just had a second baby and could use all the help of saving money, as we are almost done with our 6 months emergency funds. when it rains it sure pours!
    live large would be best, for right now I would live small too :-)

  4. John says:

    My wife and i are making $1500 / month. i have been rejected for jobs at McDonalds, BK, Safeway, Fred Meyer, etc. i work day labor and she works at a school as a para-educator working with special needs students. our first baby is due in september. i don’t even qualify for unemployment (before i started day labor).

  5. Randy says:

    I can think of two reasons I should be deserving of your extra books:
    1) I promise to mention you in one of my blogposts if you send me the book
    2) I don’t know the proper way to use bullet points.

  6. Joshua says:

    Although my wife and I never knew anyone who was deaf we were blessed with a son who was. We’ve had to learn sign language, spend huge amounts of outlay to pay for sign language classes, hearing aids, doctor visits, audiologist visits, cochlear implants, surgery, equipment costs, meetup groups, special education, additional field trips, and the list goes on and on.

    We have been required to spend so much money that we live a very meager and humble life of thrift. If there was anything we could do to improve the quality of our lives and those of our two children by living larger with our smallest of budgets it would be a great boon to our family life.

    I can’t put into words how hard we’ve had to work just to get our son to say, “I Love You Dad” even in sign language and for him to truly understand what it means. Anything helps. Thank you.

  7. Tonya says:

    Hmmm…I’m a stay-at-home mom with no degree of any sort and now my dear husband is losing his job. We’ve always been careful with money so if we kick it up a notch (or ten) we’ll be fine for a while. That’s about as sob story as our story gets at this point. Thank you and have a nice day! (Do I get points for being polite?)

  8. Lulu says:

    I would like to win this book because I currently operate on a small budget and I am continually trying to cut down expenses so I can have more money to:
    * pay off debt
    *invest and build wealth

    I used three bullet points too….so I hope my entry makes the cut.

    I recently shared my blog with a friend and encouraged him to open Mint and ING accounts (gasp!! he did not even know what those were) and now he is starting debt snowball to eliminate credit card debt. He is thankful for the advice and things like that just make it worthwhile…someone is actually listening to what I have to say.

  9. Jon Anderson says:

    Space aliens will hold your puppy hostage unless you give me the book. One lump sum payment equal to whatever I will save as a result of having this book would be fine as well.

  10. RYAN says:

    I could really use this book because I have taken a 30% pay reduction this year and can use all the tips I can get.

  11. Doug says:

    Dude, three good reasons (using bullets):
    * I’ve been out of work since 1/29/09
    * I’m thinking of starting a personal finance coaching business and need good reference material
    * I’m just too damn lazy to go get the book myself

  12. Clint says:

    I am getting married in July, my finace is still in school full time with at least a few years left. I teach 8th grade so my teacher salery, with the little extra from coaching doesn’t go a long way after mortgage and untilities. To top that we are in line for adopting a child who was being neglected and was found with third degree burns on his hands an feet. Winning this book would help us until we can get two incomes coming in.

  13. Lech says:

    I live in a country where a good income from job is about $540 (USD). And cars costs more than in US. And petroleum costs $5 per gallon.

  14. Who couldn’t save a few extra bucks? I’m a regular reader of Wise Bread, and of your site, too. You didn’t say no kissing-up, right? I could do a review for my site. Good luck with the move.

  15. Andy Hough says:

    I could use the book to come up with my next 10,001 post ideas. Also, if I win I promise to give mention you if I ever write a book.

  16. shiwala says:

    You should send me the book and live large vicariously through me. That, and I live in the Bay Area so it would be cheap to ship…you could just drive by my place and throw it in the yard!

  17. thisisbeth says:

    I’m closing on my first house on Thursday. I’m single, so I’m doing this on my own.

    Unfortunately, while I’m easily amused, I don’t have a long attention span, so the further I can stretch my dollar, the less stressful my finances will be!

  18. Zach Younkin says:

    I deserve a copy of this book because I am currently living on a small budget (about $400 a month after taxes) and would love to live large on that budget!

  19. Brian says:

    I’ve been in the Army National Guard for nearly 12 years.

    I serve as a Medic in the Guard and on the civilian side I work as a phlebotomist. In short, I don’t make much money and I could use the book.

    If you choose to give it to me, I’ll pass it along to family and friends to read also.

  20. shannon hoffman says:

    because I am awesome.

  21. Rishi says:

    I don’t have a sob story to tell just to get this book. You have a book to give away and I am interested in getting this book, so will be happy to receive it.

  22. Rajeev Singh says:

    I will give read the book and then gift it to the local libraray meant for everyone’s consumption.. Guess this is not good enough a reason.. but would still love to get it …coz its free…

  23. Austin says:

    I’m a recent college graduate who is still applying for work. Unfortunately, I just went through some family conflicts which revealed that it would be best if I moved away. Besides having to face these challenging decisions, my new home will be in unfamiliar territory because I won’t have any close contacts. I would be grateful for this book because it would offer useful guidance for an uncertain financial future. Thanks.

  24. Caity says:

    My finance and I are supporting ourselves through college, earning full-ride scholarships to our state university. Enjoying the Wisebread website to try to stretch our outside earnings farther for living expenses, we’d really enjoy a copy of the new book!

  25. Lazy Man,

    I wanted your readers to know that should they not win, I have a giveaway on my site featuring the same book…click on my name to check it out!

    As for my story (had I want to enter the contest)…it would probably pay for my domain/hosting because my dog ate it?


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